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East Rockingham ARES

Emergency Net Protocol (Simplex)



Good evening, this is [your first name and call sign] , Net Control for the East Rockingham

ARES Emergency NET. The purpose of this NET is to provide information and training on

emergency communications. Please listen carefully to NET Control and do not transmit unless

requested. The only exception to this is for emergency traffic.



Is there any station with traffic? If so, please call now and list your traffic.

[Make note of all stations with traffic, but only handle emergency traffic now.]



Everyone is welcome to check in to this NET. CALL UP WILL BE BY AREA. I will ask for check ins from three towns at a time. When checking in please give your call sign, using ITU phonetics, your first name, any ARRL appointment, your location, and please advise if you are mobile, emergency power, or commercially powered.


Check-ins from Seabrook, Hampton Falls, or Hampton.[acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from North Hampton, Rye, or Newcastle.[acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from Portsmouth, Newington, or Greenland.[acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from Newmarket, Stratham, or Newfields.[acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from Brentwood, Exeter, or Kensington.[acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from East Kingston, Kingston, or Newton. [acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from Newton Junction or South Hampton.[acknowledge stations]

Check-ins from Eastern Massachusetts.[acknowledge stations] RELAYS?

Check-ins from West Rockingham, Greater Manchester, or Capitol District.[acknowledge stations]RELAYS?

Check-ins from Strafford District, Central District, or York County, ME.[acknowledge stations]RELAYS?

Check-ins from any area.[acknowledge stations]




[Acknowledge ARRL & ARES leadership that have checked into the NET.]

[Acknowledge visitors and first time check-ins.]



[Handle the non-emergency traffic previously listed.]



[Pass along public Service announcements.]

[Ask for announcements from the net. Net control relays announcement to net.]

Additional Check-ins



[Optional . This portion is reserved for the AEC for Training to offer training. Conduct a roll call at the end of the session and credit individual members for training.]



[Optional. You may want to suggest a topic for discussion.]




If you would like further information about NH ARES please visit our web site at


If you would like further information about East Rockingham ARES please visit our web site at www.w1roc.org

We invite you to check in with us again next week on the Port City Amateur Radio Club's repeater on 145.150 – pl127.3 (Kensington) pl 110.9 (downtown Portsmouth) pl 88.5 (Durham)

This is [your first name and call sign] securing the East Rockingham ARES Emergency

NET on [date] at [time] OUT.

Current Events

Wed Feb 21 @19:00 - 10:00PM
Monthly ARES Meeting
Thu Mar 01 @20:00 -
Monthly ARES Simplex Net
Wed Mar 21 @19:00 - 10:00PM
Monthly ARES Meeting

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